I’m a temp in an admin position. My cost and well being advantages come from the temp company that positioned me within the place. 

The company’s charge is listed as a value in that spreadsheet, and my whole division can view that info. That sheet is actively used, and I’m the one temp in my division, so it’s clear the quantity listed is my weekly cost. I really feel fully uncovered, and my privateness is violated.

What can I do on this state of affairs? I would like that info eliminated. Isn’t that info protected? Restricted to payroll? What are my rights, if any? Please advise on easy methods to proceed.

Any path will probably be useful. 

Culturally, wage info is confidential. Many corporations have insurance policies about sharing wage info. (Though, staff can at all times discuss their very own salaries!) However, the fact is there are not any federal legal guidelines about wage privateness.

If your organization needed to, they may put up everybody’s salaries on the web. And lots of authorities jobs just do that. So, legally (until your state has some safety), there’s nothing you are able to do. Add to it, whereas it’s your wage individuals see, it hits a distinct funds line than the opposite staff’ salaries since you are an company temp. So, from a budgetary stance, it makes good sense to have your info on that spreadsheet.

That doesn’t make it any simpler to swallow. Listed here are some concepts to deal with this.

Discuss to your native supervisor.

Usually, it is best to converse to your temp company supervisor, however this isn’t actually an employment query. It’s a spreadsheet query. You possibly can strategy the spreadsheet proprietor (that I assume is your supervisor) and say, “this makes me actually uncomfortable since everybody is aware of my wage. Can we take away this?”

There’s an opportunity that the reply is not any, however there’s an opportunity that the reply will probably be sure. It’s uncertain that anybody apart from you has considered this.

Take a deep breath and do not forget that nobody cares.

Positive, it’s form of enjoyable to know different individuals’s salaries, however most individuals are solely involved about their very own pay. Should you had been making $350,000 a 12 months and your coworkers’ earned $65,000, you’ll be able to guess there would already be discussions about it. However, likelihood is, as an administrative temp, you’re incomes lower than most employees members. And the unhappy reality is, nobody cares.

However, I suppose that’s not too unhappy–since you don’t need them to care. They most likely don’t discover.

Take into account leaving.

As a temp, you actually don’t have any obligation to remain 5 minutes longer than you wish to. You possibly can discuss to your temp company and say this actually bothers you, so that you’d like to maneuver on. However, until this job is extraordinarily disagreeable, this isn’t one of the best concept. Bear in mind, the temp company cares extra about maintaining their purchasers completely happy than they do about maintaining you content. (I do know that is disagreeable, however it’s the fact! They receives a commission by placements.)

However, if it actually bothers you, you’ll wish to discover a job the place you don’t work by a temp company. Whereas it will nonetheless be authorized to share your wage far and vast, only a few non-governmental jobs try this.

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